Month: June 2019

certified professional in healthcare quality
Healthcare Professionals

Certified professional in healthcare quality

The healthcare system can be wide and confusing hence the need for specialization. Medical professionals require a frequent update of knowledge and appropriately certified professional in healthcare…
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implant maintenance and the dental hygienist

Implant maintenance and the dental hygienist

What exactly do implant maintenance and the dental hygienist have to do with each other? Well,  the dental hygienists have a critical role to play towards dental implants maintenance. As a dental…
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symptoms of a broken nose
General Health

Symptoms of A Broken Nose

Sometimes, while you touch or blow your nose, you might feel some sort of swelling and that may raise concern in your mind about whether the nose is broken or not? There can be several symptoms of a…
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healthy hair skin and nails

Achieving healthy hair, skin and nails

Everybody wishes to have healthy hair, skin and nails. But with some factors affecting the skin, getting healthy skin may be difficult sometimes that it might call for some professional help. If you…
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healthy living essential oils
General Health

Healthy Living Essential OIls

Essential oils are a great way to avoid using prescription and over the counter medicines. Aromatherapy has been around for 1000's of years. The oils have very beneficial medical and soothing…
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Dental Office Emergency Protocol

The Dental Office Emergency Protocol

Medical emergencies are a common phenomenon happening in dental offices. The reason to design dental office emergency protocol is to guide and help dental professionals when responding to dental…
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infection control in the dental office

Tips for infection control in the dental office

There are different risks that may lead to infections within the dental office hence the need to use the right infection control measures. Infection control in the dental office is both beneficial to…
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