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All You Need to Know About NSK Dental Handpiece

Dental handpieces are medical instruments necessary in carrying out dental procedures. They are small devices that can be easily handheld by dentists while doing inspection. The medical suppliers present a wide variety of dental handpieces. These include; dental reduction, fiber option like the NSK surgic pro optic, motor handpiece, and self-power. It’s therefore upon the dental specialists, to do a little research on finding the best dental handpiece-that will enable them to provide the best dental care to there patients. This article will give you all that you need to know about nsk dental handpiece.

Product Information

NSK dental handpiece comes with NLZ electric micromotor system that works perfectly well when connected to a power supply. It has the smallest head, and neck that makes it easy to handle in the process of treatment. Flexible installation style coupled with operability in a compact design and higher-level visibility makes it further easy to use. Its efficient endodontic treatment is another factor that contributes to superior performance by the nsk dental handpiece. Contra-SAFE function and Contra-Check Function features guide the dentists so as patient safety is maintained at all times.

NSK dental handpiece has detailed and easy to follow instructions. Adhering to this instructions keenly, results in best patient outcomes. NSK dental handpiece customers are assured of best warranty. This implies that in case any technical problems, within the specified warranty time, the customers get compensated accordingly.

Parts of NSK dental handpiece nsk dental handpiece

Titanium Body
Light and strong lilanium material has been used in designing the body. This has minimized the work of handling it. The hardness it comes with has improved the autoclave sterilization.

Microfilter ensures perfect water spray cooling always by blocking particles from getting into the water spray system.

Dura coat
This is non-allergic, advanced surface technology with biocompatible properties of lilanium. It makes a smooth and scratch resistant surface.

Clean head system
The clean head system has been designed specifically to stop contaminants and oral fluids from entering into handpiece head. This ensures a long life of the bearings.

Anti-heat system
The exceptional head cap reduces heat generation. It disperses the minimal heat produced during treatment.

Excellent stability
Ceramic bearings ensure NSK dental handpiece has excellent stability.

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