What Is Anaerobic Exercise?

anaerobic exercise
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What Is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercises cause an oxygen debt, which is a lack of oxygen in the muscles of the body. The increased exercise activity increases the amount of carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the muscles. When the body is resting, the body is quickly trying to get oxygen into the muscles to nourish, repair and clear the waste products in the muscles. As a result, the muscle metabolic activity is increased and needs to expend more energy to function.

During rest, the body will be working hard to replenish, repair the muscles to prepare it for the next bout of exercise. The body will also remove the waste products from the muscles.

Regular exercise is a good way to be consistent and allow the body to become more efficient at burning body fat. Having a regular schedule of exercises promotes increased metabolic activity regularly, which has a residual effect of fat burning even after the exercise session.

The athletes and sportspersons usually practice anaerobic exercises for aiding them in improving their performances and are active measures to maintain a healthy body and retain perfect body weight.

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity exercises and concentrate on the strengthening of the muscles and muscle tissues, and therefore they reduce the accumulation of fats and aid loss of weight. However, it is necessary to remember that unlike anaerobic exercises which can be carried on for longer durations of time, anaerobic exercises are of shorter time durations.

The term ‘anaerobic‘ itself refers to the mode of exercising without oxygen, i.e., during the time when anaerobic exercising is being practiced, the blood oxygen level remains quite low and the muscles being exercised are in unable to meet the required oxygen levels and take the aid of certain other processes to help in the production of energy. Anaerobic exercises are usually of 2 minutes duration and any form of exercising exceeding this time is considered to be aerobic exercise. When doing anaerobic exercises, make sure that you don’t overdo it because it can cause sore muscles and joints.

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