ask a dentist about proper brushing and flossing

Ask a dentist about proper brushing and flossing

Brushing our teeth should be a part of our daily hygiene routine. Your teeth play a very important role in your life as they reflect your beautiful emotion when you smile or laugh. They need to be protected and taken care of well. For a group of dentists in Epping, dental care and oral hygiene tips are something they continuously explain to their patients.

Many people argue between brushing and flossing; some say we should do flossing first as it loosens the bits of food and plaque which then needed to be brushed. It is better to ask a dentist about how to brush and floss properly. Many dentists advise that we should not ignore any of these; both are equally important, and it doesn’t really matter what you do first, just do both.
It’s a myth that you can get away by only brushing but no flossing is equally important else you have to deal with issues like gum disease, cavities and at extreme level heart disease. Yes, it is true the mouth is totally connected with the whole body and if you show less care to it, it can be harmful for you.

ask a dentist about how to properly brush and floss your teeth

Oral hygiene needs to be taken seriously

There are some people who experience oral problems even if they’re taking enough care of their mouth. It is best to ask a St Marys dentist at Pearl Dental Care clinic about how to take proper care of your oral hygiene. Dentists usually advise that you should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and should focus mainly on the chewing surfaces and do not forget to brush your tongue to remove food particles and have a fresh breath. Regarding flossing, take enough floss thread (18 inches) so that every time you use the floss on a new tooth the thread part will be clean. Do not forget flossing the back and lower sides of the teeth.

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