Is It Normal To Have High Blood Pressure After Exercise

Is It Normal To Have High Blood Pressure After Exercise?

Are you starting your fitness routine or exercise program to decrease fat and build that muscle? People typically use all kinds of exercise machines, equipment or tools to lose weight efficiently. You may also contact Chest Press Machine Australia for any available machines that can help your fitness routine. With your new lifestyle, you may find yourself wondering what to expect during this phase. In that case, you may want to ask professional advice from your physician, gym trainer, and even your cardiologist regarding the correct preparation. High blood pressure after exercise, for example, is probably one of the topics you need to bring up soon. Hence, it would be best if you further read through this article to prevent any health problems. 


How Does Exercise Help The Heart?

Exercise has always been one of the go-to options for people who want to increase muscle mass and lose weight. But, many patients with cardiovascular diseases or people who need to regulate their blood pressure also have their fitness routines. The heart may need exercising plans since the regular circulation of blood, and healthy blood flow is necessary for the body to function correctly. Exercise also controls a person’s diet, manages to breathe, as well as normalizes the beating heart rate of anyone. That said, you may want to start monitoring your blood pressure after exercise since this method is one of the prerequisites that your doctor may advise.


What Are The Causes Of High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure in medical terms is a result of the blood vessels narrowing and becoming stiff. It then leads to a blockage in the bloodstream that will eventually affect your blood flow. However, recent studies suggest that endothelial cells may also be a factor that contributes to a more inadequate adjustment on blood flow during and after exercise. On the other hand, there are still many doctors that may suggest other causes of high blood pressure with or without exercise. 


Medical Condition 

Blood Pressure After Exercise

If you had a previous or current health concern, more or less, the symptoms and side effects may have links to high blood pressure after exercise. Pregnancy and pregnant mothers are becomingly more prone to eclampsia and stroke, which is risky for the baby. On the other hand, diseases like diabetes, cancer, and lung problems may have a hard time adjusting with exercise. You may want to visit your doctor to know if your medications affect blood pressure drops or maybe a risk factor for heart disease.



What makes smoking and bloodstream always relevant to each other? According to doctors, the ingredients of smoke, and even alcohol, destabilizes the organs in our body. Due to these substances, high blood pressure is always imminent. The chemicals harm the cells that contain oxygen as well as constrict blood vessels that help normal blood pressure. Especially if a person has a lung problem, breathing also affects blood pressure after exercise. You may want to quit the smoking habit or gradually decrease your consumption to prevent withdrawal symptoms. 


Cholesterol And Fat (Obesity Or Overweight)

Obesity, being overweight, and a few more problems with exercise is an example of an unhealthy lifestyle. According to research, hardening of an artery is caused by food, unhealthy habits, and a person’s disease. Too much salt, carbohydrates, and uncontrolled sugar and trans-fat on an unhealthy diet can play a role in your hypertension. Exercise routines like running, brisk walking, or jogging for a few minutes or hours during the morning can reduce fat and cholesterol buildup. 


Breathing Or Sleeping Problems

Insomnia, sleep apnea or depression may also be a cause of high blood pressure. Mainly, people who have a hard time concentrating with their exercise routines may find themselves gasping for air while doing curl-ups or jogging. It is best to also disclose any symptoms of recurring headaches, loss of breath, or insomnia to your doctor before choosing to exercise. 


Physical Activity

In some ways, physical activity, particularly an unmonitored exercise, may result in high blood pressure. High blood pressure after exercise may be one of the immediate effects that anyone can experience. Be sure to check if you are experiencing fatigue, or overdoing your routine programs. Moreover, you may also want to choose which exercise techniques or methods can help you gradually lose weight without worrying about the risks of experiencing high blood pressure. If you’d like to buy some equipment to keep fit and improve you cardio activity, you can get it here.


Is It Normal To Experience High Blood Pressure After Exercise?

High blood pressure after exercise can be alarming for patients who are unaware of their causes and side effects. A person with hypertension should observe their blood pressure daily to see which activities affect their pressure change. Furthermore, individuals who have diabetes, previous history of stroke or heart attack, cancer, menopause, seniors or older adults, and those who smoke have a higher chance to experience abnormally high blood pressure after exercise. So, it may be best for any person to have an exercise test and a prior assessment by a doctor to know what to expect. 


Can People With Low Blood Pressure Experience Problems After Exercise?

Post – exercise, people with low blood pressure (hypotension) may also have issues. Low blood pressure is a blood pressure drop that happens for people with heart problems, septic shock, allergic reaction, nutritional deficiencies and more. Moreover, exercise can trigger symptoms of hypotension such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even blurry vision. According to a study, the type of exercise, intensity, duration, and the body’s actual response after exercise leads to low blood pressure. If you are a person that also suffers from dehydration, rapid or shallow breathing, nausea, or blurred vision, you may want to visit a doctor’s office right away.  


Risks Of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is an integral part of a person’s life. Notably, people who are still living with a lack of exercise or a change of lifestyle may suffer from recurring heart disease symptoms. Kidney failure, Dementia, Aneurysm, and nerve damage are just a few of the risks that may happen once you don’t manage your blood pressure after exercise. There are also a few cases of health diseases that may lead to further chronic situations, and eventually, some have fatal consequences. Hence, before you go into any exercise program, it may be best to consider asking your doctor to know if you are fit to have increased in exercise during your recovery.


Tips On How To Manage Blood Pressure Properly

Blood Pressure After Exercise Symptoms

As you work your way in decreasing body weight and at the same time maintaining your health, it is always the right decision to check your blood pressure (BP) first. Your doctor may tell you how to read your own BP. A reading of the BP chart shows two categories: diastolic and systolic. Systolic pressure is the level that shows on top of a blood pressure reading machine that is between 90 and less than 120 mmHg. On the other hand, diastolic reading, which is the bottom number, should show like 60 and less than 80 mm Hg. Any higher number for the diastolic and systolic combined reading should seek medical emergency attention right away. 


Here are some tips that can help you, your nurse or your doctor manage your BP signs accurately:

  • Refer to the new guideline from the American Medical Association (AMA) regarding the correct blood pressure measurement protocols
  • Take note of the right exercise program that your body can handle
  • A doctor should also remind you of your target blood pressure
  • Follow a diet strictly related to your BMI
  • Warm-up before exercise
  • Cooldown periods are meant for people with high blood
  • Consult your doctor for any other symptoms or adverse changes while exercising

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