stress and teeth grinding

Bruxism – Stress and Teeth Grinding Problem

Do you grind your teeth, time and again, without ever being aware of it? If you do, then I’m sorry to say, but you might have bruxism. We grind our teeth, every now and then, when we get angry and don’t want to express our anger externally. But if you do this more often than not, especially during  sleeping hours, then you need to pay attention as this can lead to dental problems like jaw disorders and tooth loss. Thankfully, a missing tooth can be restored with implants. If you’re planning to get dental implants in Sydney CBD, there’s a team of highly skilled dental implant providers that’s situated in the area. Meanwhile, here’s more info about bruxism.

Bruxism is a teeth-grinding problem, which driving force comes from stress and anxiety. This is how stress and teeth are linked to each other. But there are also other factors that might lead to this kind of a problem, such as sleep disorders, taking certain medical pills on a daily basis, and drinking too much alcohol or coffee.

Symptoms of Bruxism stress and teeth grinding

The first symptom is facial pain, which mostly occurs at the mouth or the eyes. The second symptom is having frequent headaches, including earache. If you have bruxism, you’ll start to feel pain in your jaws, which can also become a serious problem. Worn-down teeth shouldn’t be excluded as well – because, over time, this kind of a problem damages the enamel of your teeth.

Stress and teeth grinding isn’t something you shouldn’t be worried about, but don’t panic at once, for there are certain kinds of ways on how to treat bruxism.


The most practical gadget that works best against teeth grinding is the mouth guard, which is also known as the mouth splint. Another way of treating a teeth-grinding problem is by getting free of any stress.

The best way to get free of stress is by starting to exercise, take supplements (Green tea, lemon balm, or valerian), spend more time with your friends, go hiking, do fishing, stop drinking strong alcoholic drinks, reduce your daily intake of coffee so as to lower the caffeine in your blood, and get familiar with cognitive-behavioral therapies withdrawal.

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