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Can A Deviated Septum Cause Sleep Apnea?

A person’s sleep is very much vital to someone’s life. It can really destroy sleeping habits and even cause problems for couples and married people. The issue with snoring is very much a serious issue that one can’t ignore. Many factors may point to the real cause of your restlessness at night. Breathing problems and possibilities of can a deviated septum cause sleep apnea are not out of the whole picture. There are many ways to treat this problem, but one needs the total dedication of undergoing the treatment. If you find yourself stuck on this problem, you need to read more at the webpage.

The Problems of A Deviated Septum

Our body, no matter how we perceive it, is still fragile and sensitive to diseases that we can’t control. A septum is cartilage that composes of the bone and the cartilage inside a nose.  With the issue of a deviated septum, it blocks the nasal passage from a deformity. Most doctors say that this is a birth defect or caused by an accident. A deviated septum poses many issues when it comes to breathing especially with its symptoms. Bleeding, nasal congestion, and headaches are some of the common side-effects of having a deviated septum. With that in mind, a lot of doctors say that surgery is the only way to eliminate this blockage.

How Your Deviated Septum Causes Sleep Apnea

You may wonder how can a deviated septum cause sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is another side-effect seen along with the mentioned issues of a deviated septum. Loud breathing noises and waking up in the middle of the night are more common too. A person many know if he or she is having some sleeping problems after a visit from the doctor. Your ENT (Eyes, Nose, Throat) specialist can diagnose and differentiate the other possible causes. In fact, most doctors even see that obesity, drugs, and allergies also cause nasal polyps or other obstructions in the nasal cavities. If you’re not confident about your sleeping patterns, you may also want to find out the treatments for your nose defect.

Treatments for The Nasal Problem

When you’re aware of the fact of a serious nasal problem, it will take more than medicine to help you sleep at night. In fact, there is a number of related chronic conditions that sleeping disorders are a part of. With the rising issue of this breathing and sleeping problem, many pioneers of medical innovation are developing treatments. It consists of both a non-invasive and invasive treatment, both of which are very reliable and have positive feedback. With the question of can a deviated septum cause sleep apnea, there are many options that a person must research further.

CPAP MachineCan A Deviated Septum Cause Sleep Apnea Treatment CPAP Machine

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a type of technique used for people with sleep apnea problems. The machine assists in controlling the oxygen intake of a person through masks. It helps a person breathe easier as it helps open the airways when sleeping at night. However, some patients feel that this is a bit uncomfortable to wear but it is a non-invasive treatment than surgery.


If treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicine for allergies, CPAP machines, and other non-invasive treatments do not work, surgery is the other option. Septoplasty or Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment done to a person’s nose to fix the deviation. It may take the surgeon to open the nose or do an intrusive surgery inside. Before getting any type of treatment, it is better to seek a diagnosis from a doctor first.

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