6 Reasons Why You Cant Get Enough Sleep

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Enough Sleep

Have you been tossing and turning on your bed lately? Insomnia, sleep apnea, and fatigue maybe some of the reasons why you can’t get enough sleep. You can visit this page about sleeping disorders and how a sleep doctor and clinic can save your life. Some people may think that the lack of sleep is common and may not have complications in the future. There are many reasons why you can’t get enough sleep. But, if you’re not paying attention to the techniques of improving your sleeping pattern at night, you may face serious consequences. We suggest that you read our additional details regarding sleep at night to avoid side effects or symptoms of a disease.


Why Is Sleep Vital?

Sleep affects every person’s life as several sleeping disorders, according to the American Sleep Association (ASA), are common for 50 to 70 million US adults. The body needs to regenerate after producing lots of energy for movement, immune system protection against diseases, and breaking down food every day. As cells die each day, regeneration through rest and taking a break is important to keep our bodies from internal and external causes of illnesses. Any disruptions during sleep, particularly a person’s habit, can be one of the reasons people can’t get enough sleep during their nighttime schedules. Sleep helps the heart, brain, lungs, blood flow, and other organs in the body to repair any damages. 


6 Reasons Why People Can’t Get Enough Sleep

Many doctors suggest that infants and children until age 12 must have nine to twelve hours a day. On the other hand, teens and adults should get at least eight to ten hours of sleep every day. So, why do some individuals can’t get enough sleep at night? Daily habits can be a threat to your sleeping schedule. On the other hand, medical conditions such as sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, or mental health concerns can 


Checking Phones Before Sleeping At Night

Cant Get Enough Sleep Causes

Radiation from phones, TV, or computers that emit light before you sleep can remind your body to stay awake. Scientists say that our body has a wired clock to wake up on anything that shows light. Moreover, melatonin, the hormones that make us feel sleepy, slows down as artificial light seems like sunlight for the body. Hence, people that use their phones before sleeping can experience insomnia or symptoms of sleeping disorders. 


Stress And Anxiety

Worrying about your work for the next day or having a pressuring situation can stop you from getting enough sleep. Nowadays, people tend to get hooked on social media or check their emails before bedtime. Stress inducing factors like being too busy and not taking a break can make a person feel overwhelmed. Mental health concerns may come from an unchecked loss of drive in life. If you need help regarding your mental health care, you should immediately seek a professional psychologist’s advice. 


Too Warm Or Too Cold Room Temperatures

Room temperatures can also prevent you from falling asleep as the skin needs to adjust with either too hot or too cold degrees. During summertime, it may be best to have ventilation around the room, at least. On the other hand, you can wear extra clothes like socks or blankets during winter. 


Having A Cup Of Coffee Hours Before Bedtime 

Sipping on your cup of joe three to four hours before bed can affect your body’s energy. The quick buzz from excess caffeine may still linger a few minutes after doing your dental hygiene. Although few cases support this thought, drinking water daily can flush toxins and excess liquids from the body. 


You Or Your Partner Snores

Sleep apnea is one of the main reasons why you or your partner snores at night. It is a sleep disorder that occurs when there is an obstruction on the breathing airways that prevents us from breathing. If you or your loved one is experiencing obstructive sleep apnea, it may be best to consult a sleep doctor from a hospital or clinic. 


Different Sleep Schedules

If your body can’t determine your sleeping schedule, then the internal body clock may feel confused. Some people also have tendencies to become more restless, tired or experience fatigue with different sleeping patterns throughout the week. Doctors say that people who don eye masks before bedtime can stimulate their bodies to shut out extra light for sleep. Additionally, you can also condition yourself to rest 30 to 40 minutes before you sleep. 


What Are The Risks Of Not Having Enough Sleep?

Cant Get Enough Sleep

Is being awake way past your sleep schedule risky? If you can’t get enough sleep that you want, you may also face some issues about your physical health care. Side – effects of sleep disorders may include heart attack, stroke, breathing disorders, liver failure, and weak immune system. Don’t sacrifice your health and experience early signs of chronic fatigue or memory loss by low quality sleep. 


Are There Ways To Improve Sleep?

good way to promote better sleep is to feel relaxed and stress-free for the next day. Listening to soothing music available on several music-streaming platforms nowadays can be a significant amount of help. You may want to cut off your unhealthy habits like too much alcohol drinking or checking your social media account at night. However, people who have extreme side effects of sleeping disorders must get treatment from a doctor. Some may involve dental procedures, as well. Regardless of what options to get enough sleep, the time to act is now. 

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