crooked nose rhinoplasty

Crooked nose rhinoplasty

A normal nose follows a vertical line from the center of your face. When the nose deviates some degrees from the center of the face, it’s said to be crooked. A process called rhinoplasty is used to return a crooked nose back to its position.

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A crooked nose may be caused by shifting of nasal bones. Nasal bone shifting can be as a result of falling on the face or either internal or external nasal valve collapse. In some cases, a crooked nose can be genetic, although in very few cases.

crooked nose rhinoplastyAlthough crooked nose rhinoplasty will straighten the crooked nose, it’s not an easy process. First and foremost the cause of the nose deviation must be known and dealt with. Suppose the crooked nose was caused by an injury, it has to heal first before rhinoplasty comes in. Controlled fractures of the nasal bones are involved in repositioning a crooked nose. This can be achieved through osteotomies (i.e., cut within a bone).

There are two techniques of rhinoplasty, ie, open and closed. In closed rhinoplasty, all the incisions are done inside the nose without any scaring of the outer nose. Its limitation is that it’s only suitable where the re-position is not very complicated. On the other hand, open rhinoplasty involves incisions on the affected area. It’s commonly used when the crooked nose is as a result of trauma. In this case, the skin will be lifted to provide access to underlying nasal bones thus enabling for fine shaping.

Crooked nose rhinoplasty does not heal immediately. However, it can take some weeks with the victim experiencing some pain and swelling. Besides taking the medication as prescribed by the surgeon, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous work for a period of time.

Besides putting your nose back to its position, rhinoplasty has other benefits. It helps the patient to get rid of snoring, correct birth problems like nose malformation, improves breathing and finally helps restore facial shape.

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