Dental implant infection

Dental Implant Infection

An endosseous implant, or a dental implant as it is known, is a component incorporated through a surgical procedure, in the bone of jaw or skull. A dental implant it is used to support a dental prosthesis. If the implant will be successful or not, it is dependable on the health of the patient receiving it. The position or the number of implants should be carefully planned since it will impact the normal function of it and the stress which is put on the implant.

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A dental implant is supposed to be just like another normal tooth of your mouth. It should have the same functions and feel the same, even though it is a foreign object in your mouth.  Since it is similar to the normal and natural teeth, it needs care just the same as they do. Neglecting your dental implant will cause infections and diseases. It should receive regular care from you and your dentist.

Gum disease or also known as peri-implantitis is the infection created around your dental implant.  Neglecting your dental health, it does not mean only not to wash them properly and check them to the dentist on a regular basis, but also, smoking cigarettes, diabetes, a weak immune system, parafunctional habits.

An endosseous infection could also come from the implant itself, which could cause an allergic reaction in the interior of your mouth. The failure of the implant will come if neglected.

How to know if it is infected?

You can spot the following symptoms:Dental implant infection

  1. Red spots in the surroundings of the implant.
  2. Icky taste
  3. Pain in the area.
  4. You will have difficulties when chewing.
  5. Could be a cause for having a fever.
  6. Also bleeding when cleaning your teeth.

In any case, the best way is to contact is your dentist, or better yet to prevent it from progressing. Regular visits to your dentist will not allow a dental implant infection.

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