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Facts About Health Problems Caused By Bad Teeth

Our teeth are a direct manifestation of our whole body in a sense that it clearly shows how we take care of ourselves. Taking care of our teeth and gums is not only obligatory but is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. Some health problems caused by bad teeth would arise if we choose to neglect our overall oral hygiene and would escalate to a more serious health risk if left untreated. The possible consequences of having poor oral hygiene are as follows.

Having bad breath is not good for us. We advice regular visit to your dentist regularly and for emergency needed you must visit as soon as possible to prevent diseases or any other dental problems. You can also visit our site EmergencyDentistAdelaideDr to know more about dental information.


As we all know, food enters our mouth and food debris would stay in there without proper brushing of our teeth. The food debris would then accumulate bacteria, and this bacteria can travel through teeth with cavities, through the bloodstream and finally to the lungs. The lungs would then be infected and would cause diseases such as pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Some bacteria that we acquire from having swollen gums and infected teeth are known to kill brain cells if it traveled all the way to the brain. An absence of neurons or brain cells is the typical reason why people become forgetful. As we grow older, our number of active brain cells decreases, Coupled by having bad teeth, our neurons don’t stand a chance and this would certainly lead to a more serious illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


We would never have guessed those bad teeth or poor oral hygiene has a direct link to our cardiovascular health, but it is true. Plaque from our teeth comes from bacteria. If this bacteria could have the chance to travel into the bloodstream and would harden there, this will surely lead to the blockage of that vein or artery (Atherosclerosis). This is a major health risk because it would lead to hypertension or heart attacks.


Our teeth are a considerable health factor that should be routinely cleaned and cared for. Practicing oral hygiene like brushing teeth two times a day and flossing goes a long way and would keep you from seeing the dentist.

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