general dentistry for kids

General dentistry for kids

When talking about dental procedures for kids, we can’t help but be a bit scared as to how much it would cost, how it would make our kids feel, and what good will it do for such a young age.  That is why it is so important to choose a specialist dentist for different types of treatments, especially when dealing with general dentistry for kids because the health of our child’s baby teeth directly affects the growth and development of their permanent ones. Here are some general dentistry procedures for our little ones.

Common general dentistry for kids

Teeth cleaning (oral prophylaxis)

general dentistry for kidsAs early as age 1, or when or more teeth have erupted, parents are advised to let their child visit the dentist for their first dental check-up. Though brushing their baby teeth may still be easy for you, nothing beats the proficiency of the dentist when it comes to removing thin films of stain or plaque that may cause early tooth decay if not taken out. The dentist uses instruments that are safe and baby-friendly, so as not to cause harm to your child’s gums, teeth, and other surrounding structures.

Fluoride application

After teeth cleaning, dentists recommend fluoride application to maintain the strength of the teeth. Fluoride is a mineral found in the teeth that strengthens the enamel or the surface of your pearly whites, so maintaining the correct amount of this mineral will prevent tooth decay.

Fissure sealants

Our baby’s teeth are prone to breakage and chipping, especially now that they are being introduced to solid foods at such a young age. That is why dentists recommend preventive solutions like fissure sealants. These are thin films made of plastic that is used to coat the surface of the child’s teeth. Their molars and premolars are normal candidates for this since they have wider chewing surfaces that are prone to decay and chipping.

Tooth extractions

When everything has been done and your child still loses his tooth to decay, there is no other way that to remove it. Especially if it already causes pain and swelling. However, some tooth extractions happen because the baby teeth naturally have to fall out and parents wanted to seek help from an expert dentist so they can be sure that child is safe and the falling out would not cause any harm to the gums and its neighboring teeth.

Early orthodontics

There is an increase in the number of child patients who undergo early orthodontic care. It is believed that if your child’s teeth alignment is going to be corrected as early as when they still have their baby teeth, chances that their permanent teeth will already be straightened are high. Interceptive orthodontic treatment and care can also prevent other complicated procedures as the child grows since the problems that may result from having malocclusion are already getting addressed as early as possible.


There is nothing wrong with making sure that your child’s dental health is as spotless as his overall general health. With the help of a trusted and experienced pediatric dentist, general dentistry for kids may not only be essential, but it can also be an investment that you can count on as your child grows.

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