healthcare compliance certification

Healthcare compliance certification

Before anyone can get out and practice healthcare, he/she should be certified. Among the requirements is healthcare compliance certification. To get this certification, one needs to apply and schedule an exam. Success in the certification exam will then lead to the registration. Once CHC certification is attained, renewals will be expected.

The process is simple:

Gain Experience First

Before applying for BCC examination, everyone is supposed to first have gained the relevant work experience. There are two ways of gaining work experience. First is the full-time compliance working position. Alternatively, you may go for direct compliance of 1,500 hours. Remember that work experience compliance details will be filled in the BCC exam.

Earn and Submit Prerequisite CUEs

Compliance Education Units must be earned and submitted for consideration. A minimum of 20 CUEs, must be completed. Among the 20 must be at least 10 CUEs on live training.

Apply for Examination

Once you have done the prerequisite units and gained the work experience, you may apply for the examination. This’s a simple process involving the filling of the necessary forms. Additionally, you will be required to pay the necessary application fees.

healthcare complianceSchedule Your Exam

After you have received a registration confirmation from your CCB, the next thing is to schedule your examination. You’re advised to schedule your examination within the first 12 months of receiving eligibility confirmation. The examination can be done at any time between Monday morning and Saturday afternoon.

Do the Exam

This examination will have a total of 120 questions to be taken in 2 hours. Once all the processes are over and the day has come, you must present yourself in the examination center. All the examination rules apply even for this exam. Arrive before the scheduled time and leave your baggage out of the exam room.

Once you’ve been cleared as having succeeded, you will be certified and be required to renew your healthcare compliance certification.

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