How much does a dental crown cost? You should be budget-ready.

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost? (Costs For Each 4 Crown Types)

How much does a dental crown cost? Is it affordable? Can your budget fit in? Well, allow me to give you a little help with that. I got something in this article that can give you a heads up about the price of dental crowns. Before we proceed with the article’s other contents, a reliable dentist in Woden, ACT has been providing dental services for over 40 years already. In this case, would you think twice about receiving dental care from them? If I were you, I would not.

Now, what more should we know about dental crowns here? I guess we have plenty of information to talk about in this article. Please come and join me. This article is going to be worth your while. I got you, so let’s go!


Dental Crowns

Let’s start with introducing dental crowns first. Crowns are the treatment option that can help protect, cover, and restore the teeth’ shape. It allows your teeth to look like the same as it was before incurring damage.

Typically, the teeth’ damages can come from tooth decay, injuries, or during our aging process. As a result, the tooth loses its original size and shape. For this reason, dental treatment is necessary, wherein crowns are excellent for doing.

Dental crowns look precisely the same as natural teeth and caps over the damaged tooth. Every patient has a different reason why they will get crowns on their mouth. Aside from that, several dental crown types are available. We have provided a few details about these dental crown types.

4 Dental Crown Types

A patient can choose from various dental crown types. Here are a few differentiations among these crowns that can help you decide as well.

1 Ceramic

This crown type is from porcelain material. Additionally, porcelain offers color that appears like natural teeth. In the end, it will imitate the shape and look of the natural teeth. Moreover, it will also serve the same tooth function.

2 Porcelain fused to metal

This type of crown looks and functions the same as the ceramic type. Its difference is that it offers a more robust bond because of its connection to a metal structure. When heated together, the porcelain chemically fuses to the oxides on the metal.

3 Gold alloys

Another type is gold alloys, which is a mixture of gold, copper, and other metals. Its effect includes a strong bond, fracture-resistant, and does not wear away teeth.

4 All resin

This type offers a lesser expense compared to other crown types. Additionally, it also consists of the same color as the natural teeth. However, it does not provide excellent durability. This type has higher chances of incurring fractures, wear and tear over time, and do not last long.


How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

What do you think? How much does a dental crown cost? Ask your dentist about it.Oh, hi there. I am glad that you reached this part. As you can see, we will already answer the question ‘How much does a dental crown cost?’. According to what we recently mentioned, there are various types of crowns.

In this case, the materials from each type will also determine the individual cost. Are you ready? We’ll see if you are budget-ready. Generally speaking, dental crowns can range from $800 to $1,500 or higher per crown on average.

The majority of dental insurance providers do not cover the cost of crowns entirely. Meanwhile, if you don’t have dental insurance, the price range will range, as we stated below.

  • Ceramic (Porcelain): $800 to $3000
  • Porcelain fused to metal: $875 to $1400
  • Gold alloys: $800 to $1400
  • All resin: $600 to $1300

Correspondingly, you have to keep in mind that these price ranges cover one tooth only. Additionally, other factors can affect the overall price as well. It includes your teeth’ condition, the clinic’s location, the dentist’s fee, and other necessary procedures.

Furthermore, you must note that most insurance companies do not pay for any cost if the crown placement is only for cosmetic purposes. Aside from dental insurance, other choices are available to lessen the burden of paying the price.

How much does a dental crown cost? With these given points, do you think you are ready to purchase crowns? Seek more information from your dentist.


Dental Crown Procedure

Initially, you will undergo series of tests, including X-rays. During this period, the dentist needs to confirm if you need to undergo a root canal treatment. Root canal therapy may be necessary if you have tooth decay, risk of infection, or an injury to the tooth’s pulp.

In this case, the fee for root canal treatment will add to the cost of paying for the overall expense. Relative to the preparation, the target tooth will undergo a filing. The amount of tooth that the dentist will file depends on the crown type you have chosen.

Additionally, you may receive a filling material if your tooth structure is insufficient to support the crowns. As we have mentioned, each patient may have a different situation from another. In the end, each treatment will also vary.

During your first visit, the dentist will provide a temporary crown. It will cover and protect your tooth while waiting for your permanent crown. If everything in the permanent crown is good on the next appointment, the dentist will permanently cement the crown. Book an appointment for a consultation here.



Dental crown types. Which of them matches your preference?The question asked, ‘how much does a dental crown cost?’ has already an answer. The cost of each crown type is a factor. Aside from that, other various factors can also affect the overall expense.

Given these points, it would be best to consult your dentist beforehand. This way, they can provide all the information that you need to know. Moreover, they can explain each crown type, which will help you in making your decision.

Furthermore, there are also various options to choose from to get support for paying your crowns. However, you have to ensure full knowledge about them before investing. Dental crown cost may be expensive. However, if we will talk about its function, the price is worth it. You can visit this link to learn more. You can also go to Boutique Dental Care’s clinic in Chatswood today if you need this procedure.




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