Procedures on How To Become a Sperm Donor

How to become a sperm donor

Procedures on How To Become a Sperm Donor

Sperm donation involves giving other people the joy and experience of having a child. Donor Sperm is however very difficult for you to become a sperm donor. This is because donating of sperms involves a lot of procedures which are to be followed. The applicants have to fill a lot of forms and also undergo many tests before you are accepted as a donor. One of the basics of becoming a sperm donor is that you must be male.

Here are the procedures followed on How to become a sperm donor:

  1. Filling of the Application Form.

The forms are available both online or in hard copy from clinics that offer these services. After you have filled the forms, you will wait for some days become you are contacted and told where you have qualified to be a sperm donor. If you qualify, then the clinic will take you through the next process.

  1. Sperm Test.

In this process, you are required to deposit some sperm samples so that they can be done some assessment. You will be required to do more than three sperm deposits until the quality of your sperms is determined.

  1. Agreement to be a Donor.

After the three deposits of your sperms, if the quality meets their approval and can meet the freezing process, then the next step is to sign an agreement of being a donor. In the agreement, you will be required to state what kind of donor you wish to become. You can be an Extended donor, or you can be an Anonymous Donor. After that, you are registered to the clinic’s database.

  1. How to become a sperm donorMedical Examination.

Here, you will undergo some examination of your urine and blood and even give your first donation. The examination is done both psychologically and physically. The clinic specialists will then give preliminary approval.

  1. Approval.

This is the last process. When the results of your urine and blood are out, you will be approved and given compensation for the same. After all these procedures, you will become a sperm donor and can donate your sperms regularly.


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