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Is Climbing Stairs Bad For Knees? (Things You Should Know)

Stair climbing is one of the most common exercises for the leg muscle that is effective to old and young. However, this particular workout receives a lot of criticism for the pain associated and its effects on the knee joint. Is climbing stairs bad for knees as the claims say? Or is it one of the many exercise myths going around?

Climbing stairs has been gaining more popularity lately with the development of different gym machines. The workout equipment has pedals and resistance levels that can perfectly emulate real stairs. Some machines even have options on the elevation that will render more challenge to the exercises. This provides a new and fresh take on climbing exercises, especially if you are conscious of working out in a public area. You can check available products at and discover ways to take your stair climbing the most innovative way. But if you are still in doubt about the real association of this workout to the knees and arthritis, you might want to dig deeper into the issue. You can try to visit Wayne Massage Sydney and try their massage services today to relieve some pain after your workout.


The Knee And The Benefits of Climbing

climbing stairs and its effects on kneesWhile it may look like a simple body part on the outside, the knee contains a complex network of bone, kneecap, joints, and ligaments inside. And each motion that requires the movement of the lower extremities relies on these connections on the knee. Simple activities like standing, walking, running, and intense routines like cycling could put stress, pain, and pressure to the knees. But before you take the bad side on this issue, it is a good idea to know what makes people praise this particular workout:

It puts the heart and lungs into shape

Knee climb is a perfect way to keep your heart and lungs from the usual problems. A moderately intense aerobic activity, descending and ascending the stairs will push your heart to pump efficiently.

It increases body resistance

Placing your knees to test every day on the stair will improve the body’s defence system. Aside from its effects on improving the body’s core and tone, it could also put your immune system at its best state.

It promotes better bone health

Others think that stairs might not be the best idea to boost bone strength and density. Most totally avoid taking the stairs and only a few reap its positive impacts on the bone. Besides, compared to many exercises like running, switching to the stairs will put each knee, joint, and leg to less pressure. This will not only benefit people who have arthritis but also decrease the risk of it.

It strengthens the muscles on the leg

Although the knee encompasses a small area on each extremity, it could put the whole leg into a workout. With the vertical movement on the stairs, each muscle works more. And the more you engage and activate these muscles, the faster you achieve the perfect tone and definition. Visit this link for more leg workout options.

It helps burn calories

Switching to the stairs seems to have double in benefits than most leg workouts in almost every aspect. With stair climbing, you get to have twice the calorie-burning effects of both walking or running. Hence, if weight loss is one of your fitness goals, going for the stairs could give you the best results.

It is convenient and readily available

Without the need for tracking your distance on the map, climbing stairs is one convenient way to meet your daily need for exercise. Apartments and buildings always have stairs. So even if you don’t get to have a stair machine at home, there will always be a convenient option for your knee exercise.


When Is Climbing Stairs Bad For Knees?

measures for safe stair climbingWhen you put your knees too much into the activity, it might leave you in the disadvantaged position. People who have existing kneecap and knee joint problems should take this exercise under medical advice. And while stair routines could strengthen the legs, recent knee replacement surgery can make this workout dangerous. Also, even when taking two steps seems to be a good idea, it could create a high strain on the knee joint and make knee problems worse.

People who feel pain and stiffness on the knees even while sitting should seek medical attention immediately. Some conditions like chondromalacia patella, often present as pain when climbing the stairs.


Stair Climb As Knee Strengthening Exercise

With the vital role of the knees on almost any movement, keeping it healthy will avoid the debilitating impact of injuries and arthritis. Climbing the stairs might seem a little intense for the muscles, but it is one excellent way to keep the knees in a shipshape. This activity will support leg-strengthening routines while avoiding high-impact workout. You can also try some squat rack exercises to boost your knees.


Is Climbing Stairs Bad For Knees: The Verdict

Going up and down the stairs has a lot of benefits on its own. Compared to the regular exercises, climbing stairs has twice the positive effects and better results. Although some conditions might pose restrictions when doing this routine, it is one best and convenient way to keep a healthy lifestyle. Having a climber in your place will inhibit weakness in hips and joints from developing. Hence, climbing stairs could be in many aspects, beneficial, but never bad for the knees.

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