What Are The Benefits Of An iTero Scanner For A Dental Clinic

What Are The Benefits Of An iTero Scanner For A Dental Clinic?

Orthodontic treatment generally takes a decent amount of time to finish the orthodontics appliance in a laboratory. However, the process of dental treatments is being improved with technology for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Boutique Dental Care in Chatswood talks about the importance of having modern dental equipment to improve dental service. Innovation in technology such as an iTero scanner can provide patients the best results for dental crowns, braces, mouthguards, and other prosthetic devices. Moreover, you can expect paying for your fees every year will cost lower. Check out other reasons to explore the advantages of iTero scanners for every dental clinic. 



What Is An iTero Scanner?

The traditional process of measuring a patient’s mouth is previously done with molds and trays that are sometimes not precise. With that in mind, dentistry researchers came up with an intraoral scanner that offers digital impressions. Many famous names like iTero and 3shape Trios intraoral scanners rose as they provided an accurate scan for the market. A dental imaging device like an iTero® element scanner can speed up the previous oral scan. If you are a patient that wants to save up time in aligning your malocclusion. You may ask for an impression with a digital scanner like iTero for total scanning designed for your mouth. 


Uses Of An iTero Scanner

  • For Dental Pre-examinations

Nowadays, dentists can use an iTero element scanner to mold an impression before restoring a person’s teeth. It uses a 3D computer system that can be operated by a single technician. Just an X-ray, a digital scanner, is also an imaging unit without the fear of radiation. 


  • For Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a clear aligner that most adult patients prefer than traditional metal braces. Nowadays, the technology of digital imaging goes beyond 3D printing but also encompasses digital simulations. On the other hand, there are requirements to get Invisalign, particularly, it is designed for adults.


Benefits of Purchasing An iTero Scanner

Digital scanners like an iTero scanner can be expensive, but the cost is worth it as the machine claims to last several years. A patient that needs urgent repair for a lost crown or broken braces may benefit from a dental office that uses the iTero scanner. Here are other benefits for oral care providers that are thinking of purchasing an iTero element. 


Provides High-Quality Impressions

iTero scanner promises to offer services such as accuracy, flexible adjustments and enables same-day temporization for orthodontic appliances. Patients feel comfortable wearing an accurate model for scanning teeth and gums. Orthodontists can highly rely on scanners like the iTero element to create easy models for every patient. Yet, with the fast production of dental appliances, the patient may feel confident about the precision in this modern intra oral scanner machine. 

Connectivity To Invisalign

Transparency for patients is possible with an advanced system for scanning your mouth. The outcome of clinics that uses Invisalign with iTero element scanners can capture full teeth structure. After the procedure is complete, the visualization of the results is possible through a computer. Patients can visualize the full operation of inserting an implant, braces, or retainers to fix crooked and misaligned teeth. Mainly, patients who prefer clear aligners like Invisalign may retain previous data and compare the orthodontic treatment progress.  


More Efficiency With Less Stress

iTero Scanner

Intraoral scanners with digital impressions also require fewer takes and fewer days of appointment sessions in a dentist’s clinic. An iTero element scanner can provide efficiency with several scans that dental technicians can compare before making braces, clear aligners, and crowns. Both patients and dentists can expect to become less stressed with how efficient the brace or aligner’s outcome will be. 


Better Patient Care

Since the impression trays require less goopy materials and are more comfortable, gagging is less likely. So, as a patient, it may be a great choice to look for a dental office with an iTero scanner. On the other hand, dental specialists can significantly take advantage of an iTero scanner for every orthodontic, periodontics, and prosthodontic practice. As a dental professional, it is your goal to provide patient care to promote dental health. Please visit drjackbellavistadentist.com.au if you need more information about oral health.

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