early orthodontic treatment pros and cons

Know the early orthodontic treatment pros and cons

When we see advertisements for orthodontic procedures, they always recommend that you should get an orthodontic treatment at an early age. But what do we get if we straighten our teeth while we are still young? Would it be safe and worth it? Here, let us discuss the early orthodontic treatment pros and cons.

Pros of early orthodontic treatment

It can prevent more serious conditions. While a child’s jaws are still soft, orthodontists think it is great to address crossbites, overcrowding, and gaps.

Jaw symmetry can be established. Because the jaws are still soft and manageable, the early presence of pressure can direct its growth and shape.

Good positioning for permanent teeth. Some believe that if the temporary teeth are already straightened, the permanent teeth will follow suit.

The treatment will be faster. Since the movement of the teeth is more manageable, the correction will be faster as well.

The bring out your child’s smile earlier in life. Why wait until your child is in their 20s before getting their pearly whites straightened when they can already show off their radiant smile in their teens!

Cons of early orthodontic treatment

early orthodontic treatment pros and consKids have to be disciplined. It is easier for parents to let their child have braces, but it is actually the kids who undergo the procedure and not them. Make sure that the kid is also willing to do the procedure so he can help maintain the integrity of the braces.

Not all problems can be solved. Dental irregularities like buck teeth or overbite.

They might have social issues. Bullying may be prohibited in schools, but it is still present. You might be exposing your kid to more trauma when teased about the orthodontic appliance.

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