Lasik For Astigmatism

lasik for astigmatism
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Lasik For Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a very common vision problem, the world can seem fuzzy and blurry. It is typically caused by cornea having an asymmetrical shape. It can cause symptoms that might impede the ability to enjoy life with clear visions. It is better to opt for a treatment before the symptoms of astigmatism impose major problem in vision. Lasik for astigmatism is an effective permanent solution. Even higher amount of astigmatism can be corrected with Lasik. Since the irregularity and asymmetry of tissue involves cornea hence, Lasik surgery is performed on cornea and this surgery uses extra precise lasers that are programmed to reshape the cornea to make the front surface of eye more symmetrical. The team of Eye Laser Specialists practice Lasik for astigmatism. You may reach them for any of your queries.

The laser used in the LASIK surgery is important in addressing astigmatism as it allows to make a precised incision which promotes quick healing. Also, the advanced mapping machines used by surgeons remove the tissue minutely and this precise removal enhances the chances of getting the 20/20 vision after surgery. lasik for astigmatism

Lasik for astigmatism eliminates vision problem. It is designed to reduce reliance on contact lenses or glasses. It usually takes 20 minutes or less to make changes on cornea. A successful surgery can have a positive and long lasting impact. A treatment ranging from 15-20 minutes can have a permanent impact on your vision. There is no expiry date on corrected vision as LASIK is intended to have a permanent impact.

Aging is a natural process, eyes change with the process, even after Lasik. The eye vision may decrease slightly over time.

Even though Lasik is an ideal solution for treating astigmatism, it is not the right approach for those who are pregnant or suffering from cataract or those who are diabetic or breastfeeding or have auto immune disorders. If the surgery does not go in accordance with the procedure, it might result in dry eyes, detached retinas,eye halos and glares ,eye infections, chronic pain and vision loss. It is always preferred to opt for a surgeon who meets industry standards with the screening process for LASIK surgery.


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