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Why Is Finding An Orthodontist For Kids Important? (The Value Of Early Treatment)

Before early treatment becomes too late, you should locate an orthodontist for kids right away. Orthodontists correct misaligned teeth using appliances to direct teeth or jaw alignment. With these professionals, your child’s teeth and oral health is a guarantee.


If you have been in the parenting career for years, you are already probably familiar with how children’s teeth usually shed. First, it gets painful, and the next thing you know, your child has managed to pull it off without professional help. Luckily, a permanent one will grow on the abandoned socket. While this process is natural and seems reassuring, the growing permanent teeth could get out of hands like growing in the wrong direction or improper placement. And from a difficult bite to progressive gum disease, worse scenarios become limitless. And this time is when orthodontists wear their capes rescue kids.


What Is An Orthodontist?

Contrary to popular belief, dentists care more than the teeth. They look after a patient’s jaw, gums, mouth, and nerves. And like any medical professional, a dentist could choose to specialize in a particular section of dentistry. For an orthodontist, this section focuses on teeth’ alignment and aesthetics by applying appliances or devices. An orthodontist has gained comprehensive knowledge on every orthodontic treatment through training and seminars. Hence, an orthodontist could practice both general dentistry procedures and specialized orthodontic treatments. But a general dentist will have to undergo additional classes to perform such specific and intricate dental practices.


When Is An Orthodontist For Kids Needed?

orthodontist for kids treatment optionsAs you know, manually controlling the direction of a growing tooth without a dentist is impossible. Aside from it is difficult to do so, doing it without supervision could get dangerous and might end in a dental emergency. Typically, parents will have to let the permanent tooth grow and deal with it in the future. After all, there is a high chance that biting and time will set the tooth right in its proper place. But most times, these teeth could get tricky, and the next you know, different dental problems arise. Malocclusion, overcrowded mouth and crooked teeth are only a few of these dilemmas. Hence, it would be best to wait no time in visiting an orthodontist for kids.


Although all of the child’s teeth become permanent at around 12 or 13, you could always opt to go to an orthodontist earlier. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends seeking an orthodontist as early as seven years as it is the best time to correct dental problems. However, it does not mean that your child gets to wear dental appliances at a young age. The initial orthodontic treatment will often only involve catching problems ahead of time. When the dentist has supervised the teeth growth, the chances of having a successful treatment becomes higher.


The Benefits Of An Early Treatment

Parents of children receiving orthodontics at a younger age reap as many advantages as the kids. Opting for early intervention will not only prevent complications. But it will also save more money from trickier treatments in the future. Here are some of the positive effects of having earlier pediatric orthodontics:

Guided Tooth Growth

Aside from spotting possible future issues, these specialized dentists will supervise each tooth. With close monitoring, decays and other concerns emerge less in adult age.


Corrected Habits

Some oral concerns in kids often form due to repetitive, habitual patterns. Early behaviors, including thumb-sucking and mouth breathing, affect the development of the tooth. The longer these habits stay, the more problematic the condition gets. Hence, addressing these practices right in the beginning is crucial.


Assisted Jaw Development

Braces are only one of the appliances in orthodontics. Some devices like palate expanders are also essential and efficient. Sometimes, jaws do not grow in sync and proportionate to each other. These events will cause severe problems such as malocclusions and crowded teeth. Children having early orthodontic procedures have less chance of developing such concerns.


Faster and More Efficient Results

Kids that have been receiving orthodontics while young will wear devices in a relatively shorter period than as an adult. Since the jaw and tooth roots are all soft and easily adjustable, improving their alignment needs a shorter time. More so, kids tend to be more pliable in wearing devices like braces. Hence, pediatric orthodontics is more fruitful in guiding protruding and crooked teeth.


Improved Confidence

Indeed, the first impression always lasts, and smiles play a significant role in this. With a perfect smile and healthy oral condition, kids develop more propensity to socialize and gain skills. One research even shows that teens who have experienced oral issues establish lower confidence and self-esteem than their competing peers. Hence, opting for orthodontics ahead of time will not only guarantee the oral health of the kids. But their future opportunities as well.


Orthodontic Options

Depending on the case, the orthodontist will offer variable options. Some appliances are best for treating jaw alignment, such as the headgear. And others are more applicable for mild cases such as retainers. Moreover, the most common and in-demand orthodontics of all time is braces.



What Are The Types Of Braces

This orthodontic appliance for children works by straightening the teeth and improving the appearance and bite. As the child’s teeth grow, it could get out of alignment and direction. But with braces, even overcrowding and malocclusion improves and gets better. Through pressure, braces move and form the overall frame of the jaw. With its efficiency, many more types are available nowadays, including:

  • Traditional Braces

With the metal brackets and wires, smiles become more straight and full. Although this type stands the oldest of the lot, it is the most affordable and quick in correcting almost any alignment issue.


  • Ceramic Braces

With the color closer to the natural tooth, ceramic braces also create high demand in the industry. Its appearance works best with teens who do not want to have noticeable appliances. Since it works like traditional braces, it is also as effective. However, its benefits also come at a hefty price.


  • Lingual Braces

Compared to the traditional braces, lingual braces attach to the back of the teeth. With the metal brackets and wire, it also uses pressure to move the child’s teeth. And although this type of braces takes longer to effect, it is a better fit for kids having issues with more noticeable braces.


  • Clear Aligners

The most recent innovation in orthodontics, clear aligners, works like the regular braces. However, instead of the wires and metal components, clear aligners are merely clear, plastic trays. Much more, it is removable. Thus, children have the choice of taking it off from time to time. However, since it does not stick permanently to the teeth, kids have to wear it for longer.


Considering The Price

With their efficiency to provide a life-changing oral condition, orthodontics could be a little costly. And depending on the duration of orthodontic treatment, braces could be as low as $3 000 or as expensive as $10,000. If you are worried about these rates, you could always apply for a government insurance program. After all, with your child’s future at stake, there could be no hefty price to pay


Children And Orthodontics

It might not be apparent to many, but a child’s well-being also depends on that kid’s oral condition. When children see orthodontists earlier, correcting existing issues and preventing anticipated concerns is possible. Besides, with kids experiencing tooth pain or worries as a child, it could negatively affect them while growing up. Hence, many movements aim to voice the importance of oral health. And it might not have clear manifestations now, but your kid’s teeth can shape their future and turn their life around. See a pediatric orthodontist today!

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