pain after dental crown procedure

Explaining The Feeling of Pain After A Dental Crown Procedure

Restorative process of teeth ranges from various types of dental procedures. As a person hoping for that great smile, you may feel confused about why you need to have a dental crown surgical treatment. One of the possible reasons to undergo this is to protect your weak tooth or teeth and a bridge procedure is required to strengthen its foundation. Dr. Hiromi, a dentist near The Ponds, has extensive knowledge about restorative dentistry so she shared some information about reasons of feeling pain after a dental crown placement.

Dental Crowns And What It Does

Dental crowns are solid materials placed on top of the tooth to form a literal crown. It seals the tooth in place and helps prevent further damage after the restoration. Injuries are unexpected causes of a broken tooth. With dental crowns, it helps restore a severely broken down tooth that is in need of repair. Other patients also have large gaps in their teeth and gums that need to be covered. Dental crowns help in covering these gaps as well. These dental crowns come in different forms such as titanium metal, porcelain or even ceramic.

Causes of Pain After A Dental Crown

Medical and dental technology has made it easier for people to subscribe to available services in easing their health problems. As a patient who is concerned about their welfare, one would often go and check their dentists for their mouth’s status. Experiencing pain after a dental crown procedure is unbearable. What’s more, it may take a long time to recover from the treatment itself but you should have some information on why this happens to you. Take a look at some of the causes of dental crown pain so you can be prepared for this.

Traumatized Nerve

Your dentist may not be aware but there are instances that a dental crown procedure is pressuring an already traumatized nerve on your gums. Nerves become traumatized due to constant contact with foreign objects such as dental handpieces, cleaning materials or the dental crown itself. Let your doctor know that you are feeling this way to alert him or her about their actions.

Teeth Grinding

pain after dental crown treatments and causes

Patients who grind their teeth at night are affecting the full recovery of dental crowns placed on the teeth. The movement of the crowns is making the gums sensitive to any motion or impact of the surgically attached material. There are many ways to stop grinding your teeth but it is better to see your dentist about remedies.

Fillings Leakage

Previous dental procedures may also have incidents such as leakages. Once these leakages are neglected, bacteria attacks and forms more plaque and cavities. Bacteria also attacks the roots of the teeth and therefore makes your gums extra sensitive about the sensation of pain.

How Should I Stop The Pain?

Home remedies for the feeling of pain after a dental crown procedure are available for anyone who has experienced unexpected pain during the night. A person should already follow the instructions of the dentist such as dietary restrictions or avoiding sticky, hard, or chewy food. Flossing carefully is also recommended and it is best not to floss right beside the temporary crown. Finally, ask your dentist about the next procedure in fixing this issue.



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