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Plastic surgeon reviews: Are they reliable?

When we check out online plastic surgery websites, one of the first things we look for is the plastic surgeon reviews. We have been led to believe that online reviews, feedback, and testimonials of previous clients would help us know if the cosmetic surgery clinic is the right fit for us. But are plastic surgeon reviews really reliable? Or is it the About Us page that is more realistic as a reference? Should we just, for instance, check for the team bios?


Plastic surgeon reviews: What’s the norm?

Before online reviews, people who wanted to try something new, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or doctor services, go and ask their family or friends for recommendations and referrals. For plastic surgery and procedures, word-of-mouth referrals were a big thing before, and people rely on them to get the best possible option. And then celebrity endorsements pop up. Here and there, Hollywood and even local celebrities would swear by the efficiency and their satisfaction with the results given by a cosmetic clinic, doctor, procedure, new machine, or just about anything. But when social media became a hit in the past years, even we have the power to influence others by posting online plastic surgeon reviews on any establishment’s official websites. This gives people a wider range of perspective when choosing the best option for them.


The pros and cons of plastic surgeon reviews


discussion with plastic surgeonMost of them are written by actual patients. The plastic surgeon reviews you would see came from people from all walks of life and their real experience in the hands of the doctor and his clinic.

They explain what happened from the start of the consultation until the final results. There are reviews that are very detailed about a person’s experience. They would start their reviews from the moment they stepped into the clinic, their first impressions, how the staff treated them, the way the surgeon explains the details of a plastic surgery procedure, the procedure itself, until the postoperative follow-ups and unveiling of the final results.

It gives you a huge understanding of the whole plastic surgery practice. You can see online reviews that give emphasis on how a clinic is organized and professional-looking, how the staff greets them and makes the environment warm and friendly, even Wifi connectivity gets a place on their online reviews, so you would really get a first-hand look and impression about the whole place.

They can help you search for multiple services in a short amount of time. Instead of visiting clinics that are a bit far from each other, plastic surgeon reviews made it easier for people to research. Just type in a plastic surgeon and the location you want and, voila! You have a list of doctors and cosmetic surgery establishments that are readily available for you.



Some of them are made by patients who consulted with the doctor but did not push through with their surgery. This is unfair especially if the reason they did not push through is that they are not satisfied with the clinic, but not the doctor.

The difference in reviews is too extreme. Plastic surgeon reviews may sometimes sound too positive or too negative, so you either think that their past patients are too happy about the results, but some are too dissatisfied as if they had the worst experience. Getting the average for those reviews is difficult then.

The reviews are sometimes about the whole establishment, not the expertise of the surgeon. The Plastic surgeon reviews should focus more on the skills, knowledge, and experience of the surgeon, and not more of the parking space availability, internet, and whatnot.

Not all good plastic surgeons have updated and developed their websites. It’s a good thing if all plastic surgeons have established clinic websites that are optimized and visible to everyone. But some surgeons do not focus on that but instead gives more attention to tangible improvements in their practice and skills.

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