Poor Oral Hygiene

Just like any other part of our body, our mouths also need attention. A poor oral hygiene is a recipe for poor health. It’s hence important that one should maintain a good oral hygiene considering that repeatedly science has proven that there is a strong relationship between general health and oral hygiene.

Cause of poor oral hygiene

Oral hygiene can be referred to as the habits an individual uses to control bacterial or dental plaque on the tooth and mouth surface. Poor oral health is usually caused by the patient’s inability to practice good oral habits such as flossing of teeth or regular brushing, smoking and high consumption of sugary and acid stuff.

So what does a poor oral health result?

1. Respiratory Infections

A poor oral health can affect your respiratory system in various ways. One is that bacteria from infected mouth and gums can travel to your lungs via the bloodstream or be breathed leading to pneumonia, respiratory infections or even acute bronchitis. In addition, those suffering from COPD may see their condition worsened due to increased bacteria in the lungs.

2. Cancer

Poor oral hygiene has been linked to throat and mouth cancers with practices such as Tobacco usage and smoking being the leading causes of these cancers and other gum diseases. Besides, studies have also shown men with gum disease are possible to be diagnosed with another type of cancers. (pancreatic or kidney cancers).

3. Inflammation

Poor oral health may lead to systematic inflammation of gums and dental bleeding.

4. Risk of Diabetes

Periodontal disease has been found to make diabetes difficult to control. In fact, it increases diabetes risk and may even increase the blood sugar level of diabetics. It’s therefore important for diabetics to practice the right oral hygiene to prevent complications because of abnormal sugar level.

5. Cardiovascular disease

Studies and research have found out that one cause of stroke and heart disease emanate from poor dental hygiene. Bacteria from inflamed gum can get into blood and travel to the heart through the blood vessel hence causing a heart attack. Besides, these bacteria can infect the arteries leading to arteriosclerosis and another disease of the arteries.

Solution and prevention of oral problems

The best way to counter and stop oral problems and diseases is to maintain a good oral hygiene and general health. Cleaning of the teeth and gums should be mandatory and carried in the right manner. Remove plague buildup to keep your teeth’s and gums free from bacteria. Likewise, always have your teeth clean and checked by a dentist in case of dental problems and if you are in Aussie seek for¬†dental hygienist Melbourne clinic.

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  1. That's why it is important to maintain the dental care to avoid these serious diseases and illnesses.

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