retreat root canal vs extraction

Retreat root canal vs extraction

When you encounter a problem on your teeth, you search high and low for solutions to save them, and would not accept that the only solution is extraction. So when a root canal-treated tooth fails, which would you choose, retreat the root canal vs extraction. For more information about these dental treatment options, read blogs at

Root canal retreatment

Root canal treatment has a 97% chance of success when it is performed perfectly. This means that during the procedure, the damaged pulp is completely removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned very well, and the dental filling covers the inner space and seals the inside so bacteria or food debris cannot get it and damage the tooth. However, one wrong move and you made your tooth more vulnerable to tooth decay and pain, because the concealed part of the tooth is now getting damaged without you knowing it. In these cases, your endodontist will assess the damage on the tooth. If the decayed part or affected area is treatable with another root canal procedure, then you and your doctor can decide if you want to push through.

Tooth extraction for damaged root canal-treated tooth

If faced with a failed root canal-treated tooth, the other approach is to just extract it. This saves you the doubt or worries that any problem would resurface again since the affected tooth is now removed. However, some are concerned about what would happen once the tooth is removed. Would you be able to have them replaced? Tooth extraction is definitely more affordable than root canal retreatment, but combining a missing tooth replacement procedure with extraction is a different ballgame all the same.

retreat root canal vs extractionSaving a tooth or removing it practically depends on the severity of the damage your root-canal-treated muncher developed. If the decay is extensive and you feel that your dentist can encounter problems during the retreatment, maybe consult with an experienced endodontist first since their expertise cannot be questioned. Now, if the one who performed your root canal therapy is performed by an expert endodontist and repair is too risky, then maybe it is time that you opt to just have it removed.


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