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Risks Involved With Ultrasonic Liposuction

In fact, even with the numerous progressions made in the field of liposuction, new techniques still have their risks. In fact, a part of the new strategies presents new risks of liposuction not related to conventional lipo procedures. The companions are a part of the risks of ultrasonic liposuction that you should know when considering experiencing one of these most up-to-date strategies.

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In the past, cosmetic surgeons used ultrasonic waves on the outside of the skin to separate fat. However, this caused skin burns and scars. This system was abandoned immediately. However, burns can occur in any case in the middle of liposuction while undergoing laser or ultrasonic lipo. This can happen due to the erosion of the cannula and the heat of the laser. This can cause internal burns in the surrounding tissues and also nerve damage. Although this is still a risk, advances in technology have decreased the rate of events of these specific drawbacks.

Fluid Maintenance

Numerous surgeons use tumescent liquids as an infusion under the skin to facilitate the evacuation of fat cells. However, when combined with the loss of regular body fluids by the expulsion of fat, fluid levels within the body can end up unbalanced, causing excess or a little body fluid. This can exert a genuine pressure on the organism and cause organ damage and different real risks and inconveniences. To help maintain a strategic distance from these possible liposuction risks, your surgeon should make you aware of the side effects you should watch after your lipo system. Although this is an uncommon tangle, it can be dangerous if it happens.

Toxicity of Tumescent Fluids

Risk of LIposuctionLipo as tumescent infusions can represent some risks of ultrasonic liposuction as harmfulness. This is usually caused by the lidocaine used as part of the tumescent fluid mixture. This specific substance can be extremely poisonous if an excess is used. This can cause extreme complexities through damage, causing death, respiratory problems, seizures and even heart failure. To maintain a strategic distance from these possible liposuction risks, surgeons should be careful not to overuse the tumescent fluid in a single session.


As they progress in the field of liposuction, the risks of liposuction and threats diminish. However, as in the case of any therapeutic system, there will be a certain level of risk. Therefore, be sure to seek the exhortation of an exceptionally experienced cosmetic surgeon with fitness in the field of liposuction. Doing that will further reduce your liposuction risks.

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