strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth

Dental procedures that strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth

All dentists aim for one main goal, and that is to preserve, improve, and maintain your dental health. This means dentists offer their patients dental procedures that perform several steps to strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth. Not only that, they provide services that improve your smile and your overall dental health. If you want to learn more about different dental procedures available in your area, visit the page of Riverlands Dental to get more information and advice from the experts.


Dental procedures to strengthen gums

The health of your gums is an integral part of keeping your teeth healthy. As one of the closest mouth structures to the teeth, damaged or receding gums may affect the integrity of your teeth and may even cause infections and tooth decay. Here are some dental procedures that may help in maintaining and strengthening the gums.

regular dental visitsRegular dental consultations. When it comes to preventative dental procedures, nothing beats a regular visit to your dentist. Because an expert monitors the state of your dental cavity, he can perform procedures that may treat the early onset of a dental problem and even give you advice as to how you can perform effective dental hygiene to strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth.

Teeth cleaning. Regular oral prophylaxis can also help in making sure that no plaque build-up or cavities are hiding in between teeth and under the gum tissues. Sometimes, dentists would recommend deep cleaning or root planing and scaling to be 100% sure that all cavities and plaque are removed.

Surgery for gum recession. If you have receding gums, and regular deep cleaning is not enough, your teeth will also suffer the consequences. The gums cover and protect the tooth’s pulp which houses the blood vessels and nerves, so if you have receding gums, these structures are exposed to external factors that may cause sensitivity, pain, and may even develop infections. Surgeries that can improve gum recession, strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth could be the following:

  • Open flap scaling and root planing
  • Regeneration
  • Soft tissue graft


Dental procedures to tighten loose teeth

Having loose teeth may also be associated with gum problems because our gums hold our teeth in place in conjunction with the jaw bones and the nerves. If one has loose teeth, its cause may be due to gum disease, a bone problem, or an injury directed to the mouth. Here are some dental procedures that can handle these problems to strengthen gums and tighten loose teeth.

A range of treatments can help, and the best option will depend on the cause of the looseness. The said treatments may include:

  • Gum recession procedures. Because loose teeth are an effect of gum disease, ways to prevent and correct gum problems can directly affect loose teeth. Treatments include scaling and root planning or deep cleaning, soft tissue grafts and other surgical procedures.
  • Bone grafts. These can help to rebuild bone lost to gum disease.
  • Dental appliances, such as bite splints or mouthguards. These can decrease the incidence of damage from teeth grinding (bruxism) and may aid the mouth to restore to health after surgery.
  • Prescribed medications for a systemic condition. Correct and continuous treatment of a medical condition like diabetes is also effective in maintaining dental health.
  • Dental bridge. This restorative procedure is used if the loose tooth already falls out and cannot be salvaged. The appliance uses two crowns that can fit over the neighboring teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. That is why this is called a bridge.
  • Dental implant. This is the gold standard of missing tooth replacement that involves surgically attaching an implant on in the jaws to act as tooth roots that would hold an artificial crown to replace your missing tooth.

These dental procedures may be deemed effective, but it is still advisable to seek expert dental advice before getting any treatment to make sure that the procedure will work best in regard to your dental condition.

You can book an appointment at Toothsome’s periodontic clinic in Sydney if you need help in maintaining your gum’s health.



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