Plastic surgeon reviews: Are they reliable?

When we check out online plastic surgery websites, one of the first things we look for is the plastic surgeon reviews. We have been led to believe that online reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials of previous clients would help us know if the cosmetic surgery clinic is the right fit for us. But are plastic surgery reviews really reliable? Or is it the About Us page that is more realistic as a reference?

Crooked nose rhinoplasty

A normal nose follows a vertical line from the center of your face. When the nose deviates some degrees from the center of the face, it’s said to be crooked. A process called rhinoplasty is used to return a crooked nose back to its position.

How Liposuction Price Is Determined

Liposuction price is difficult enough to estimate by patients unless they run their own aesthetic clinic. The price of liposuction procedures varies considerably depending on the desired body area, the number of fats to be removed, the type of fat removal technique used, etc.

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