teeth that need braces

How to spot teeth that need braces

How do I know if I need braces? This is probably one of the common questions of kids who are curious if they are in need of any orthodontic treatment. Here, let us give you a better understanding of how braces and other orthodontic procedures, like Wonder Smile invisible braces, work and show you signs about teeth that need braces.


Do you have teeth that need braces?

The way your teeth look, feel, and function are actually good indicators if you need to see an orthodontist. Maybe you think your teeth look crooked or you experience pain when chewing your food. Here are some constant things you can notice with regard to your teeth to say that you are in need of orthodontic treatment.


Did you lose your baby teeth at an early age?

Premature falling out of deciduous teeth can affect the spacing of the permanent ones when they start to erupt. If you lose your baby teeth before reaching age 6 or 7, and your permanent teeth took a while longer to erupt, the tendency to have crooked or misaligned teeth is possible.


Are your teeth straight?

Having crooked or overcrowded teeth can be a hassle and a beauty flaw. For one, it is harder to clean your teeth if there are very small spaces in between and so many hard-to-reach edges. This will lead you to develop plaque and cavities that will result in tooth decay. Moreover, crooked teeth are a bit embarrassing to have, so you may end up covering it or not smiling at all so you can hide your not-so-pearly whites. This is a sure sign of the teeth that need braces.


Are you accidentally biting your cheek?

Accidents like these would indicate that your teeth are not properly aligned, or your jaws may cause your teeth to protrude. Orthodontic solutions like braces and aligners can help correct them.


Does your jaw hurt?jaw pain or toothache

You may notice that you can hear clicks from your jaws every time you bite or chew. Sometimes, you experience lockjaw when you yawn or open your mouth wide. If this is the case, maybe it is time for you to consult a dentist or an orthodontist.


Do you feel pain while eating?

This is a big clue that your teeth need braces because their alignment is incorrect. Feeling pain or discomfort in using your teeth to chew and bite into your food is a sure sign for you to see your dentist.


Were you diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea?

If you snore or you wake up in the middle of the night with dry throat or still feeling tired after sleeping through the night, these are signs of having sleep apnea. Although this is a medical condition, getting orthodontic treatment helps in solving the problem.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have teeth that need braces. Maybe it is time to schedule an appointment with your family dentist or orthodontist so you can discover effective ways and options available for you to correct your crooked or problematic teeth.

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