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The Gap Between Teeth

Do you sometimes wonder why there are people who have gaps in their teeth? What is it called, and how does it occur? The correct term for that teeth gap is Diastema. Let us discuss it and find out about its root cause, and how it can be treated.

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What is Diastema?

Diastema is the gap between teeth. It usually appears in between two teeth. It happens when the labial frenum becomes oversized.The said Labial frenum is a tissue that extends from the upper lip to the gum, which is right above the two upper front teeth.

gap between teethWhat Causes Diastema?

  • Discrepancies in Teeth and Jaw.
  • Discrepancies on teeth and Arch.
  • Expanded and oversized Labial Frenum.
  • Impaired Inter maxillary Structure.

Aside from the causes mentioned about, there are other factors that lead to teeth gaps. Habits and mannerisms can also cause teeth gap. The most common habit is thumb sucking. This mannerism may pull the front teeth forward, therefore creating gaps.

How to Treat Diastema?

When the dentist or specialist has ruled out the case of diastema, he will then proceed to the treatment. Below are the best treatment options for the said disorder.

  • Using porcelain veneers. This is thin pieces of porcelain which are bonded outside the teeth.
  • Crown or bridgework, or replacement of teeth with the use of implants (This procedure is for adults only).
  • Keep the diastema. (an option that will be discussed by both the patient and the dentist.)
  • Orthodontic treatment. This is done by removing the teeth, hence, closing the diastema.

You need not be ashamed of those teeth gaps anymore. With the marvel of Science, you have an option to have it fixed. After all, having perfect teeth creates that perfect smile that everybody loves to have. So, go for the best treatment for Diastema and achieve that gorgeous smile.

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