Tooth Whitening: Pregnant Moms Should be Careful

Tooth Whitening: Pregnant Moms Should be Careful

Health and wellness are very crucial while in the stages of pregnancy. Most moms already know how their body is sensitive to their surroundings. Dental care is one of the necessities that should still be continuously practiced by pregnant moms. Some usage of products such as teeth whitening, pregnant moms must take into consideration. Consider asking your dentist how to deal with dental care such as whitening treatment during pregnancy to be safe from possible risks.

Stating the Oral Hygiene Specifics

You might be curious about teeth whitening pregnant moms should avoid or continue the dental health routine while in this stage in life. Taking care of yourself while being pregnant is still vital since you are not just taking care of your own body but for your precious child’s birth as well. The rise in hormones for pregnant moms may have adverse effects on gums, teeth, and tissues surrounding the mouth. Tooth whitening products are a great way to maintain one’s oral hygiene but most likely, there should be enough consideration while using this product when pregnant. Specific products such as tooth whitening strips may irritate your gums due to the active ingredients that it contains. Hydrogen peroxide is a result of the ingredient being mixed in water that affects pregnant moms with sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist about the specific products that you are allowed to use for specific pregnancy periods. There are some items or procedures that you cannot do after your third trimester since you cannot lie on your back while undergoing clinical checkups.

Dental Wellness While Pregnant

You can still take care of your dental hygiene even without using specific products for teeth whitening pregnant moms are concerned of. Try using Tooth Whitening: Pregnant Moms Should be Carefulother teeth whitening products that don’t contain harmful ingredients for pregnant moms such as toothpaste instead of strips. Continue to do your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth carefully and flossing. However, if you aren’t able to control your hands properly during this time let your doctor do the cleaning for you. This is to avoid accidents on your mouth such as bleeding gums. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid intake of very hot or very cold liquids or fluids. If you can ask any home remedy from your doctor such as using a mouthwash for your alternative.

Which Dental Care Procedures Should I avoid?   

Some dental doctors will possibly recommend you to avoid teeth whitening procedures while pregnant and instead wait until you have given birth. On the other hand, as mentioned previously, you have other dental routines that you can still perform. However, there are risky dental procedures that need total consideration. This involves major surgeries such as root canal, tooth extractions or other procedures that may be considered very painful for pregnant moms with high hormone production. It is better to be safe than sorry when undergoing pregnancy to avoid unexpected issues like your dental care problems that may arise.

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