What Causes White Spots On Teeth

What Causes White Spots On Teeth? (Dental Fluorosis)

Pearly white teeth are one of the signs a person is treating their teeth’s health properly. However, not all white spots on teeth are great news. Disruption on the teeth’s maintenance and health care may be one of the reasons for this discoloration. Other medical and dental health concerns may tell what causes white spots on teeth. Additionally, a dentist in Sunbury based Lotus Smiles Dental mentions the dental health risk of white spots on teeth. Reason being, a patient may have medical unbeknown to their concerns. It may be an excellent time to have a dental check-up as soon as you see spots, crack, or broken tooth. 

What Causes White Spots On Teeth?

Many patients are unaware of the dangers when brushing with too much fluoride. Moreover, neglect in teeth management and health care can be a problem. Not brushing, flossing, and rinsing can have higher risks of cavities, gingivitis, or even periodontitis. The white spots on teeth may find treatment through dentistry technology solutions. Moreover, the natural causes of white spots on teeth are not the only reason. Some dentists observe that patients that love cosmetic dentistry treatments such as bleaching or whitening therapies may have teeth with white spots. You will be able to check out what causes white spots on teeth by asking your dentist about its symptoms and treatment. 


Some people may notice that the first few signs of teeth disease looks like faint white spots on teeth. Cavities, despite contrary widespread knowledge, looks like white spots that infect the tooth more often. It is a result of the bacteria accumulating in the person’s teeth gaps. 

Dissolving Enamel

While children may have lack of enamel during their early years, adults can have dissolving enamel due to their aging bodies. Dissolving enamel often happens to older adults and the elderly. When our body starts to regress, it may lack the right nutrients and minerals that result in spots. Get rid of brown or white spots on teeth decay by 


Did you know that wearing braces and having improper hygiene has a significant impact on what causes white spots on teeth? Orthodontic appliances, without the right dental management, can be one of the many reasons for dental health illnesses. Teeth may lose its minerals and forms a brown appearance behind braces which is a common condition.

What Is Dental Fluorosis?

A change in the visual appearance in your mouth’s health can be alarming, especially if the tooth has more than the usual white spots. Tooth What Causes White Spots On Teeth Dental Fluorosisgrowth can have disruption during the development of children who regularly use fluoride-based products. Severe forms of dental fluorosis are a rare occasion except for those communities whose source of water has high levels of fluoride. Parents need to monitor their kid’s dental health by checking different dental products with fluoride. Fluoride is a good remineralization substance that makes teeth white. But, kids may develop mild dental fluorosis as early as eight years old. Every once in a while, check if your child is doing the proper way of brushing their teeth. 

How To Prevent Dental Health Risks Like Fluorosis

The first thing adults can do to get rid of teeth loss or decay is to consult their dentist regularly. Delaying your dentist’s appointment can complicate your oral health. Moreover, a proper diet meal can also prevent cavities from growing. Support your gums and teeth by decreasing sugar consumption. Also, if you do tend to munch on these, stick with nutritious food instead. You will see the benefits of a healthy diet, not just for your teeth but your wellbeing and lifestyle. 

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