What Does An Annual Check Up Consist Of?

what does an annual check up consist of
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What Does An Annual Check Up Consist Of?

Most people visit the team of Chatswood doctors at shchatswoodmedicalcentre.com.au/about-us  for annual check-ups but they can’t tell exactly what does an annual check up consist of because different discussions and procedures are used each time they visit the annual check-ups. Apart from procedures and discussions, doctors check their patients differently. Depending on your age, health, and gender, the following are some of the things to expect during an annual check-up:

1. Body weight and height measurements

The doctor will check on your height and weight so as to find out whether your body mass index is in the required limit. They will also find out whether you have risks of getting obesity and in case there are, you will be told of ways to lose weight. Men are also checked on the sizes of their bellies and if it’s more than 4o inches, they are advised on how to avoid heart diseases and diabetes.

2. Blood pressure checks what does an annual check up consist of

When you visit the doctor for annual check-ups, the doctor must check whether you have any of the two types of blood pressure.

3. Blood tests

Your blood samples are also taken by the doctor for cholesterol levels testing. This is mainly done to men who are above 35 years and women above 45 years. Other patients who have heart diseases have cholesterol levels checked at a younger age. Blood tests are also very important in checking whether a patient has diabetes.

4. Cancer Screening

Most doctors will analyze your stool during your annual checkup to test whether you have either rectal or colon cancers. Men are also checked whether they have any signs of cancer like enlarged prostate for rectal cancer. Women, on the other hand, are checked if they may have breast cancer which is very common. At times doctors will check if you may have skin cancer by doing a skin test.


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